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ca283 - Daina Dieva, Svart1 - Incubi Succubi

Artist: Daina Dieva, Svart1
Title: Incubi Succubi
Date: 2009-07-03
Keywords: dark ambient; post folk; industrial
01 - Incubi Succubi - 24:58 (320 kbps)

A 25 minute piece "Incubi-Succubi" was born as a live act by Svart1 (Sardinia-Italy) and Daina Dieva (Lithuania) for the opening of an exhibition of the painter Daniele Serra, and performed in an art gallery in Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy) on the 9th of December.
A common point of departure for this musical soundscape was the theme of the exposition - darkest nightmares. And so it flows wandering through post-folk, saturated in dark ambient and covered in the shelters of industrial, closing the circle with the post-folk chant again.
This peace is meant to be perceived as a soundscape for a moonlite night - closing the eyes under the sparkling path of the full moon and letting go of this world. A first phase of sleep is a handful of memories, feelings and illusions, the second phase - the heavy sleep - is a torture of nightmares, the third phase lets you rest in the dreamlands of childhood, while the fourth pushes back to suffering the darkest night hours. Finally the first rays of the sun enlighten the feverish dream and calls out to enchanted awakening.


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